Garages are where all the dirty work happens. Whether you’re building a wooden table or oiling your bicycle, garages are designated spaces for you to do all your greasy work. Garage floors are thus, exposed to all kinds of liquids and materials. If you’re thinking about how you can preserve your garage floor after getting it refurbished, look into epoxy garage floors. Epoxy floors are the latest trend in households. Not only are homeowners using this coating for garage floors, but beautified versions of it also exist for living room areas. 

It’s a surprisingly practical way of preserving your concrete floors without using any extra material. It also reinforces the concrete floor and prepares it for any heavy impacts. This fact means after you have an epoxy garage floor, you won’t have to be quite as careful in the garage. 

Epoxy floor coating is made of epoxy resin which sets in the cold. When the epoxy isn’t applied as a coating material, it is used as a hardener. Many types of super-glue use epoxy resin to hold material in shape.  In the article, we will list 7 reasons you may want to get an epoxy garage floor

1.  Aesthetics

Epoxy garage floors look chicer than regular, untouched garage floors. Epoxy gives the floor a glossy after look, and any defects in the flooring don’t appear quite as bad. You can also use epoxy in different designs and colors. Many artists use epoxy to do resin art on people’s floors. If you have very blatant imperfections in your flooring, using an epoxy of a deeper color will hide it completely.

2.  It Creates Resistance 

Epoxy is a type of plastic resin, but it’s dense and firmer. Thus, it can provide a fair bit of resistance from harmful elements that your garage floor might encounter.  It lends many kinds of resistance, but perhaps the most important is resistance to weathering. It can also bear the shock of heat, chemicals, water, and any other toxic waste, which your car releases.

3. Cost-Efficient 

Epoxy garage floors are more affordable compared to other methods of sprucing up your garage floor.  Other options may include applying vinyl or tiles to your garage floor. To get an epoxy garage floor, you don’t have to buy extra material. 

You can purchase epoxy resin and get a professional to help you out. Professionals may cost you more, but it’s still less expensive than asking laborers into your house to tile your garage. The investment you make into these floors is also likely to last you a while and is cost-effective. 

4. Protection

Epoxy is a sealant that helps to protect your garage floor. It’s like a topcoat that helps shield your garage from anything that may harm the aesthetic or function. If you paint a coating of epoxy on your concrete floor, the concrete floor itself will last you a lengthy period. The varnish helps the concrete from wearing down or crumbling and helps preserve its structure.  The surface also doesn’t display stains and prevents defects from showing face.

5. It Is Long-lasting 

After your initial investment and installation, you won’t have to get any epoxy redone for a very long time.  It’s very durable, which is why it’s likely to last you for a long time without going through significant wear and tear. 

It’s likely to last you longer than any other paint, enamel, or tile job anywhere else. If you want to install flooring which you don’t have to replace over and over again, epoxy garage floors are the way to go. 

6. It Is Easy to Maintain

You don’t have to do much to keep epoxy in shape. Epoxy creates a glass-like layer over the surface of the concrete, so problems like dirt and dust become a lot easier to get rid of. All you have to do is sweep the floors and mop them, and your epoxy garage floor will look as good as new. Bacteria, grime, and dirt don’t have pockets to adhere to epoxy since the surface is smooth, so you don’t have to scrub the floors anymore. Additionally, any oil spill doesn’t leave a stain on the floor. The smooth surface also provides you with an easy way to mop it all up. 

7. It Is Very Strong 

We know that epoxy can handle shocks. However, it can also deal with a substantial amount of weight. If you add epoxy to concrete, the concrete will likely handle more weight. The epoxy hardens and strengthens concrete which is why it can take on more weight. Epoxy garage floors are also difficult to tear or cut into, given the epoxy has bonded correctly. 

Final Thoughts 

Epoxy garage floors are a trend in households that makes sense. You want to ensure that the surfaces in your house will last for a long time, specifically, something as imperative as your flooring. Epoxy lets you make your floors look charming but also fortified and more durable. When standing on an epoxy garage floor, you’ll feel better about making mistakes because you’ve got a solid foundation. 

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