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For a unique look on your concrete flooring, the professionals at Stellar Surfaces of Boca Raton offer premium concrete staining services for your residential or commercial bathroom area. This is a amazing alternative to paying a fortune for tiling and wood flooring in a basement area or to provide some life to your garage area. We are dedicated to bringing our clients high-quality flooring options for your bathroom that stand out and say “look at me.” Who wants a boring, unfinished concrete slab when you can have dramatically custom flooring that is unique specifically to you? Concrete staining never has the same pattern twice because it is all based on the chemical reaction used on your floor. This is what drives so many people to this technique and we have honed our skills to bring you the most depth of color and interesting designs.

If you hire Stellar Surfaces to create your stained concrete masterpiece, our main objective is presenting you with an amazingly unique floor while protecting your most valuable asset; property. We expertly protect your walls and any existing baseboard or trim that could be damaged throughout the staining process. Our technicians are trained in the latest safety practices because, while the chemicals used are diluted and safer than ever, it is still acid. The acid used is what determines the color of the finished product because acid reacts with lime and other components in the concrete. It is applied in a thin coat by a sprayer and is layered until the desired color is reached. This can be rather time consuming because each layer must dry completely.

After the acid has dried completely, a neutralizing mix of water and ammonia is sprayed on the floor. This is basically to make sure that when you walk on your floor, you aren’t getting covered in acid. To simply try and clean off the acid won’t make a bit of difference. We use a state of the art vacuum to suck up the excess liquid to leave the floor clean and acid-free. In order to protect your newly stained floor, we roll on a protective seal that will ensure that you can enjoy your floor for years to come.

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Special Decorative Concrete Design for any area of your home or business…
Go Basic with a typical epoxy coating in your garage area to protect and beautify…
Spruce up your kitchen floor and make your kitchen space and epoxy envy…

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    “Stellar Surfaces really delivered.  I had a vision of what I was hoping my epoxy kitchen floor would look like.  The owner, Steve, came out listened, provided his own insight and delivered a great product. I would highly recommend using this company”