Metallic Epoxy Floors Boca Raton

Metallic epoxy is a flooring option that is reminiscent of staining with a few key differences that Stellar Surfaces deploys. The epoxy can add a unique marbling effect but takes the idea of decorative concrete to the next level. It is one of the hottest trends for decorative concrete flooring and we are your premier provider of such services.Stellar Doesn’t just make your floors look nice; we make your floors a work of art that will naturally draw the attention of your guests and provide long-lasting protection as well. We work closely with you to come up with a look and design that will really make your style shine.
Metallic epoxy makes your floor have a gilded sheen to it that is unique to this floor type. Epoxy coating itself is very strong and durable and is often used on top of concrete flooring for extra protection and a clean shine. When applying the epoxy, installers can easily create texture by mottling the surface creatively. You can also get a rippled effect by drizzling more than one color of pigment over the surface and then sealing it for protection.
It is common to see metallic epoxy on indoor concrete flooring as well as commercial buildings but is not recommended for outdoor use because the sunlight can fade the colors. The metallic epoxy provides a great long-lasting look that you can be proud of. It is extremely durable because epoxy is one of the most commonly used materials to add protection to a concrete floor. With proper installation and maintenance, your new flooring will last for many years.
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    “Stellar Surfaces really delivered.  I had a vision of what I was hoping my epoxy kitchen floor would look like.  The owner, Steve, came out listened, provided his own insight and delivered a great product. I would highly recommend using this company”