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Metallic Epoxy Floors is a line of Metallic Epoxy mica pigments designed to be dispersed in a variety of binders to create seamless floors with a unique three dimensional appearance. Depending on the application techniques used, the finished floors appearance can range from elegant to exotic. Metallic Epoxy Floors is ideal product for retail establishments, night clubs, and automotive showrooms to residential interior and garage floors, or any installation the desires a truly unique finished floor. When combined with the proper binders and finish coats can offer an unmatched blend of beauty and durability.

Polyurea / Polyaspartic – This is a wonderful polyurethane top coat with a very high gloss finish and the highest solid count of 92% currently available on the market. This comes in both clear and pigmented. You can also use fast cure that allows a 24 hour turn around time for those who do not want to wait 7 days to drive on it. This is the only product that can be used where air temperatures range from 20 – 32 degrees.

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