One of the challenges both home and business owners face is finding a floor that is reliable, durable, and strong.

Every few years, you will replace the flooring to deal with wear and tear. These realities are fueling a flooring industry that did $22.95 billion in sales last year.

You can reduce the frequency of redoing everything by using concrete floors. These floors are durable and offer you a look that lasts longer than other options. Here are some of the different concrete floors in Delray Beach that give you the most for your money.

Stained Concrete

Stained concrete can be used outdoors and indoors to give you a look and finish that lasts. One of the ways to enhance your bare concrete patios, walkways, driveways, and courtyards is to apply this stain to the existing surfaces.

 We use high-performance, color-resistant sealing that gives all of these areas a shiny look. You never have to worry about replacing the finish for several years to come and we offer a guarantee of the quality of our work.

Indoors we can take the concrete floors that look dull and bring out a unique shine with a customized stain. On the interiors, we take added steps to create a finish that is durable, shiny, and unique. These solutions bring out the natural beauty of the surface to give you something special that lasts.

You don’t have to go with just concrete but can use this coating on marble and concrete. These floors are glossy, smooth, and have a consistent shine.

We recommend stained concrete if you are looking to add something extra to your property.

Stellar Surfaces offers free estimates and we can show you how our solutions will bring out the best in your property. We serve both residential and commercial customers that give them those solutions that last and enhance the floor’s beauty.

Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy offers versatile designs that make contemporary floors have a special look and feel. We take ordinary concrete and add several coatings of epoxy to bring out the natural beauty of the concrete.

These solutions are common in garages and with commercial and industrial properties. For example, if you are a retail store with a heavy amount of traffic. These solutions are the most cost-effective and give you extra levels of durability. We work with the finished concrete to bring out a natural look that lasts.

We recommend metallic epoxy if you want something that lasts and offers you more.

Stellar Surfaces is the place to find the best epoxy coating solutions anywhere in South Florida. We will take a dull-looking floor and bring out its natural beauty using solutions that last.


An overlay is when you are taking different stone-like finishes and bringing out the beauty of the surface. These solutions are common throughout South Florida, as we want to give you something that lasts.

We will take your pebble, flagstone, and other finishes that give your floor a shiny look. You will have something easy to clean and can withstand the wear and tear of heavy usage. These finishes are popular in South Florida by embracing the Mediterranean and Caribbean look. You can use these anywhere inside your home or business to create an underground feel that is yours.

We recommend this finish if you want something that embraces the natural beauty of the floor with a unique feel.

Stellar Surfaces is the place to create a custom floor that matches your tastes. We can even include special logos for your business, man cave, basement, or garage.


You will see a quartz finish in many commercial and industrial settings with a shiny gray-like finish. These floors are non-slip, impact, and abrasion-resistant to withstand all of the wear and tear. The only thing that is required is to clean and mop the finish periodically to keep everything looking new.

We install these solutions at different commercial locations throughout South Florida to offer greater protection and durability.

Stellar Surfaces have many different solutions that will bring out the beauty in your floor. We specialize in all of the different concrete surfaces in Delray Beach.

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